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Free Job Posts: Are They Really Worth It?

Our team here at truckstr has spent years working with clients in the trucking industry, often watching them struggle to find and retain quality employees. One of the biggest mistakes we've noticed companies making is posting job ads on free community web sites. It might seem like a good idea – the posts are free and they absolutely produce results. You will receive plenty of resumés from a free ad, but it can be an issue of quantity over quality.

Seeing the issues that arise out of free job boards is part of what inspired us to create truckstr. Here are a few reasons why a service like truckstr is more valuable than free ad space:

You get what you pay for.

You can certainly find employees with a free ad, but are they the best fit for your company. Getting the most applications isn't as productive as getting the best applications, and you might not get the best applications from a free ad. Do you really want to hire the kind of person who looks for jobs on the same website they use to sell old furniture? Or would you prefer an applicant who only applies to professional-looking ads?

Looking good pays off.

Speaking of looking professional, we can help you in that department. Free ads provide limited opportunity to make your company shine. Truckstr gives you a template to work with, so you can make sure your job posts make you look good. We help you highlight your company in a way that will appeal to discerning employees. Our template also helps you to be more specific and detailed when describing your ideal candidate, weeding out applicants who just don't measure up.

We know your audience.

A free job board – or mass job board of any kind – is going to expose your ads to people who aren't even qualified to apply. You'll often find the trucking category lumped in with completely unrelated industries on these sites. Getting the most views on your post isn't as important as getting the right views. Truckstr is targeted specifically to drivers and other trucking professionals, so your post is seen by the right people.

Mind the company you keep.

Free community sites are packed with scams. They're an easy target because it's free to post. Even if you are a legitimate company with plenty of integrity, your ad will be sharing space with scams designed to mislead people into exploitive or illegal working situations. Services like truckstr are better equipped to monitor the companies posting jobs. You're in good company with us.

How far does your post travel?

When you post on a free job board, your post doesn't go far. It sits near the top of the page for a few hours tops, before it's pushed down and drowned out by new posts. Not only does truckstr limit posts to trucking jobs, we also share your post on our social media pages to extend their reach. With a small piece of code, you can also have your truckstr posts feed directly onto your own website. This drives traffic to your website and keeps the content fresh. One little post goes a long way on truckstr!

When it comes to employee prospects, we think quality is more valuable than quantity. A free job post might land you a pile of resumés, but a service like truckstr will yield higher quality results. And remember, your first post on truckstr is free anyway, so you'll have a chance to make your mind up for yourself.

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