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What We Love About Trucking

Trucking often gets lumped in with general labor jobs, and as a result, isn't always sold as an exciting career. With the demand for drivers constantly growing, it's clear that many people aren't aware of what a career in trucking can provide them.

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Get Your Wheels on the Road: Truckstr Advice for New Truckers

Anyone who's searched through the classifieds of a newspaper or sifted through the endless cycle of Kijiji ads looking for a job knows the feeling; The sight of a sparkling new employment opportunity, only to discover there's a minimum experience level required. The advice for newcomers is always the same; apply anyways! You never know what will happen, right?

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Supporting Your Drivers' Health and Fitness

In the past, the trucking industry was not closely associated with great health. Trucking is a physically taxing job, and many drivers have found themselves lacking in proper exercise, suffering the consequences of sitting all day, and lacking healthy meal options. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way anymore. More and more truckers and trucking companies have begun initiatives to help truckers stay healthy, despite the demands of their job.

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