About GDKN

• Looking for candidates having a Microelectronics background
• A lot of good soldering experience under a microscope
• 90% assembling and 10% testing. –candidates need to be assemblers and not just testers
• Looking for assembling experience with medical devices, watches/watch maker, cameras, guns, etc…
• Will be soldering wires and then assembling the product
• Wires are as thin as hair and soldering while under a microscope
• Will be working on Navigation systems and specifically on circuit boards.
• Must have 5+ years of soldering experience and show on the resume.
• Will be working in a Clean room
• Must be able to work with small intricate or delicate parts – some parts contain beryllium.
• Lifting is generally at or below 30Lbs. without significant repetitions. Moderate exposure to machinery, chemical (i.e. epoxy), and minimal physical risks anticipated.

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