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About Hammer & Hand

Our employees are key to our fundamental purpose: delivering excellent service and an excellent product. Our business is built upon the greatness of happy and highly-trained staff whose work is infused with integrity.

At the center of this concept beats the rhythm of respect, compassion and stewardship. It’s about the work, for sure. But it’s also about the people. From client to carpenter, supplier to sub, us and them, it’s about taking care. We take care of business, but we also take care of each other. We watch out for our people.

At Hammer & Hand we’re passionate. We share a sense of purpose. We are creative craftspeople with stellar educations and experience outside of Hammer & Hand; problem solvers who execute and manage work of the highest quality in the field; people who own the work we do for the client.

Full Benefits, Retirement Plan, & Profit Sharing

We enjoy benefits that give us the security we need to thrive both personally and professionally. Long before the national debate on health care, we recognized the connection between a skilled, stable work force and a happy clientele.

Our success as a general contractor is built on the years of dedicated work of men and women who are passionate about their jobs and passionate about their lives outside of work. We work hard to foster an atmosphere that supports our most valuable asset: our people. We offer a full range of benefits (healthcare, dental, 401k, PTO, paid holidays, Employee Assistance Program, and competitive industry wage) and a dynamic workplace.

We are always looking for the best talent to join our team. Please view the job openings listed below. If you find a position that fits your experience, strengths and passions, we welcome your application.

Current Job Posts at Hammer & Hand

Title Location Category Type
Frame-to-Finish Carpenter Seattle, WA, United States Carpenter FULL TIME