Electrician, Certified/Licesed

Duke Univesrity

FULL TIME Durham, NC, United States

Duke FMD is seeking an experienced Electrician who will Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical circuits, appliances, systems, facilities, and related electrical controls and devices. Assign, direct and review the work of lower level employees. Inspect and certify work is in compliance with state and local electrical codes. Assist in the training of new personnel.


Apply safety precaution,
Layout, assemble and install wiring in University buildings in accordance with blueprints and NEC
Size and install conduits
Size and install conductors, switches, outlets and junction boxes
Install lights, devices and electrical panels
Install motors, motor control circuits, electrical systems in hazardous locations and transformers
Install battery banks, battery chargers and switch gear
Calculate power requirements for electrical systems (conductors, protective devices, physical protection)
Perform periodic switch gear maintenance of relays and control switches
Troubleshoot switchgear circuits, voltage regulators and control switches
Replace circuit components (instrument meters, voltage regulators, surge protectors, relays, control switches)
Troubleshoot motors, motor control circuits, across the line starters, reduce voltage starters (STAR Delta, auto transformer, resister), reversing starters, electrical systems in hazardous locations, battery banks and battery chargers
Inspect and maintain power conditioners, 50/60 frequency converters, and grounding systems in general and electronic facilities
Repair/replace electrical appliances in general and electronic facilities
Install, troubleshoot, maintain and repair all types of electrical systems and equipment up to 600 volts
Interpret plans, sketches, wiring diagrams, and specifications
Interpret electronic terms and symbols


Six (6) years in electrical construction or maintenance, which may include time in an approved apprenticeship program (up to 2 years experience may be waived with a NC Limited Electrical License)

Why It's Awesome to Work Here

Duke University has evolved into one of the world’s leading institutions for education, research and patient care. Furthermore, Duke has been named as a “best place to work” by several publications and organizations, including Carolina Parent, Computerworld, The Scientist, and the American Association of Retired Persons, among others. This can be attributed to the hallmark at Duke of trustworthiness, respect, diversity, learning and teamwork.

About Duke Univesrity

Duke University Facilities Management Department provides excellence in planning, design, construction, cleanliness, operations and maintenance for facilities, grounds and utilities in a customer-focused, safe, efficient and sustainable manner.