Lab Equipment Technician - ElectroMechanical

Cal Poly College of Architecture & Environmental Design

FULL TIME San Luis Obispo, CA, United States

the Laboratory Technician oversees areas that are used for instructional laboratory testing, classes, activities, student projects and research, including a concrete laboratory, seismic laboratory, soils laboratory, materials testing laboratory, hi-bay laboratory, and concrete yard.

Responsibilities include performing skilled repair, maintenance and modification of lab testing equipment, such as concrete compression apparatus, tensile apparatus, strain gauges, deformation measuring instruments, shake tables and software. This position assists with instructional support, such as the design, fabrication, and construction of teaching aids and technical apparatus and support of research activities conducted in the laboratory areas.

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Open until filled. EEO.


Equipment Maintenance
Diagnose and perform skilled repair, maintenance and modification of electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and other specialized equipment and software to the component level.
Troubleshoot complete electronic systems using test equipment and schematic diagrams.
Devise methods for assembly and assemble electronic components with other electric devices by providing wiring and mountings which insure that sources of electrical interference are isolated and the possibility of regenerative feedback is reduced. Ensure that components are securely mounted to avoid malfunctioning.
Assist in planning modifications to existing systems and software, and design new or revised diagrams.
Advise in the selection and purchase of parts, supplies and equipment, seeking cost-effective alternatives. Install replacement parts and equipment.
Analyze complex equipment problems and determine repairs needed.
Maintain the cleanliness and order of the assigned laboratories and work sites.
Perform calibration and quality control tests to ensure reliability, repeatability, and safety.
Establish preventative maintenance schedules and manage industrial equipment servicing.
Maintain an inventoried stock of replacement equipment and consumables.
Archive and preserve equipment inventory records, maintenance files, operation and repair manuals, and software.
Collaborate with Facility Services, the Instructional Shops Manager, and off campus vendors for new equipment and equipment maintenance projects. Inspect and verify completed work.
Train and supervise student assistants.

Instructional Support
Ensure proper safety policies are followed in the laboratories and work sites, advise on safety policies, and procure necessary safety equipment.
Design and construct technical equipment and parts with accuracy and precision.
Use computer software to meet faculty, staff, and student requirements.
Schedule and prepare sites for student or faculty projects.
Give technical advice, train, and oversee faculty, staff and students to safely use equipment and instruments.
Advise and assist in the experimental set-up and procedure for using the equipment for instructional and research tasks.
Fabricate prototypes and final products for faculty, staff and student projects using a wide variety of materials.
Provide recommendations for changes in laboratory operations to ensure goals of programs are met including efficient utilization of facilities and their services, equipment upgrades, and software updates that incorporate recent advances in industrial standards.


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Two years of journey-level experience in the maintenance, repair and operation of electromechanical equipment or closely related experience which demonstrates skill in the construction, repair, and fabrication of similar equipment. (Two years of semi-skilled experience in maintenance and repair of scientific/technical equipment or related equipment experiences as part of instructional support activities, or two years of trade school or technical arts training with specialization in electromechanical equipment repair, or completion of apprenticeship program, or completion of full military specialization in electromechanical equipment maintenance and repair may be substituted for one year of the required experience)

Why It's Awesome to Work Here

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) is comprised of five inter-related undergraduate disciplines (Architectural Engineering, Architecture, City & Regional Planning, Construction Management and Landscape Architecture) and three graduate programs (Architectural Engineering, Architecture and City & Regional Planning). Currently, there are approximately 100 faculty, 30 staff and 1,900 students in the CAED. All of these disciplines use the college’s instructional shops, labs and construction sites in their academic programs. The hands-on instructional opportunities supported by these facilities are essential to the college’s academic mission.